Classes and 1to1's

Hatha Yoga Classes

My classes are small (even before COVID!) so I can help you make adjustments to get the most out of each posture.

Please bring your own mat, or contact me for a loan if you don’t have one. Also bring a blanket for relaxation at the end, this can also be rolled up to support you while sitting and in other floor based postures.

 All classes comply with current Government guidelines to prevent the spread of COVID19. I have my own risk assessment and so do the venues I use, if you would like further details on this please get in touch.

Relaxation & Guided Meditation

Spend one hour in a peaceful, safe place where you can focus on just one thing at a time.

In small groups I take you through guided meditations; giving you something to focus on like your breathing, a visualisation or a part of your body. Different things work for different people at different times so I vary the way we do it but always with the same objective.

You will be lying or sitting for the hour with some gentle movement when needed to stretch out.

The secret of relaxation is to not ‘try’ to relax but to acknowledge then ‘let go’ of worries, expectations and physical tightness. Softening and loosening your muscles and thinking of things that encourage peace and contentment will help this happen.

This is a guided session you just sit back and go with it, if you would like a more interactive session look out for workshops.

1-1’s and Bespoke Classes

one to one yoga sherborne

Would you like a class tailored to you? Book for just you or a group of up to 5.

Maybe you would like to:

  • Further your practise
  • Focus on a specific injury or other area
  • Ease back in after a long break from Yoga
  • Try it out for the first time before considering a class
  • Practise in your own home
  • Celebrate an occasion or enjoy time with friends