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Beginners and all abilities welcome to all classes unless otherwise stated in the class description. If you are pregnant please contact me for a chat before you sign up. Attending classes also gives you access to ‘My Studio’ a selection of recordings to help your practice at home.


I have been life coaching and mentoring since 2016 which has helped me see the need to have tools and techniques you can use yourself everyday to improve confidence and motivation.

I can help you shift your mindset and manage your time. This may include your Yoga practise or it may be working on other areas of your work or personal life. Contact me talk about how I can support you to move forward.

Find Your Calm


Find out more about Yoga and how it can strengthen your body and your mind through articles and videos.

My Story

Yoga is a great way to stay fit and flexible. It has helped me manage old injuries, understand my body and build my strength. These are the benefits I first saw in yoga but I was missing out on all the other benefits and it was finally the ability to manage anxiety and feel in control that yoga taught me, that really got me hooked.